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Gameon / Samson Sports Arena

We take pride in being the city’s inaugural Terrace Cricket and Futsal Ground cum Stadium, offering a premier sporting experience. Our state-of-the-art facility features two high-speed cricket nets equipped with a cutting-edge bowling machine, creating an environment conducive to professional cricketing endeavors.

The allure of our Futsal facilities has been rapidly gaining recognition among professionals, attributed to the soft green turf that provides an ideal setting for high-profile matches. Enhanced by high-wattage LED lights, our stadium is designed to foster intense and competitive gameplay well into the night.

Our Spider Nets, featuring a unique rebound twist, inject a lively dynamic into the game, resulting in fewer stoppages and a continuous, engaging experience for players throughout their time on the field. To further enrich the sports experience, we offer the opportunity to partake in an hour of Tennis Ball Cricket on our football ground, reminiscent of the spirited ‘Galli’ cricket, illuminated by vibrant lights.

Adding a touch of local flavor, our cricket lanes boast meticulously planned angles, ensuring optimal visibility for batsmen despite the brilliance of the high-wattage LED lighting. Whether facing deliveries from the machine or bowlers, players can distinctly spot the ball at all times.

We extend a warm invitation for you to visit us with friends and family, indulging in a sports-oriented recreational escape. Immerse yourself in the thrill of high-speed nets and ground action – come, join us, and play some ball!